Saran Wrap Ball Game! Fun Party Game Idea For Kids Or Adults

If you are looking for the perfect party game idea for your next gathering then you have to check out this fun and easy saran wrap ball game idea! We played this last year at Christmas for both the adults and the kids and it was a huge hit. I’ll show you how to make the saran wrap ball and how to play the saran wrap ball game.

One thing I love about the saran wrap ball game is that it can be played with adults, kids or both! Everyone had such a fun time playing this game and I learned a couple of things that are important to factor in before playing it! I’ll share those with you so you can play this game successfully at your next party.

To create your saran wrap ball you’ll need several rolls of saran wrap (I used the red holiday variety) and prizes of various values. You might want to save money and skip buying multiple boxes of saran wrap and instead buy one of these food service size cling wraps instead! You’ll want to put the BEST prizes toward…